New Democratic Party

The NDP, the New Democratic Party, is the social-democratic party of Canada, pushing changes such as improving water-safety standards, increasing workers’ rights and improving health care, to name a few.  The current leader is Jack Layton. The first leader was Thomas Douglas, in 1961.

The NDP is pushing for improvements in human rights, including those of aboriginal peoples; reducing Canadian poverty, improving environment, bringing awareness to these issues and enforcing stricter measures that will ensure better protection of the environment; peace-keeping actions and humanitarian efforts; improving trade world-wide; more funding for public transportation.

In the 1997 election, leader Alexa McDonough led the beginning recovery and growth of the party, where 21 New Democrats were elected. In 2002, the newest leader of the Party, Jack Layton, was elected over Mill Blaikie, with 53% of the vote.

Then in 2006, the New Democratic Party on 29 seats, 10 more than several years before. Today, the party continues to grow support. The NDP’s main policies include the improvement in the economy, social issues, the environment, foreign affairs including peace and human rights. A Canadian’s pride is unique and strong and the NDP is focusing on improving the place of Canada in the world.

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